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Forza 4 Survey Hints At New Features

Jonathan Lester
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500+ Cars, Kinect & Clarkson?

Forza 4 Survey Hints At New Features

Kotaku have reportedly gotten their hands on a Turn10 survey that's designed to test the public reaction to upcoming features in Forza 4. If accurate, their anticipated racer could feature 500 cars, Kinect support and narration courtesy of Jeremy Clarkson. And it'll be the "best looking game of the year," apparently. More details below.

The public opinion poll, delivered to Kotaku by an anonymous tipster, contains details on a number of uncomfirmed features that'll could well be planned for Forza 4. Naturally this is still very much a rumour, but here's what we've heard.

  • 500 Cars. According to the survey, Forza 4 will feature over 500 cars from 80 manufacturers. They'll be fully-detailed both inside and out.
  • Casual Kinect Mode. Kinect functionality has been confirmed for the next Forza title for some time, and it seems that it'll be the same basic mechanic used in Joy Ride. Constant acceleration, hands at 10 and 2. We'll keep an open mind.
  • Virtual showroom... with Jeremy Clarkson? Apparently Kinect will also be used to allow you to look around your virtual showroom, with narration about cars and tracks from Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. According to the questionnaire: "Each car will be like its own mini level and after your tour, you can take it out on the track."
  • New career mode and assistance off mode. Kinect too casual for you? Thought so. The new assistance off mode should provide for unrelenting realism and greater rewards, while the rejigged World Tour singleplayer mode promises to "increase the variety of challenges and events you participate in."
  • 10x Graphical fidelity. Early days yet, lads, but that hasn't stopped Turn10 from making some serious claims about the graphics. Apparently Forza 4 will showcase ten times the graphical fidelity of its predecessor as well as new lighting/shading models, making it the "best looking game of the year."

Opinion was also gauged for the creation of an open-world Forza title. If the idea proves to be popular, this will either be Forza 5 or a Test Drive Unlimited-style side project. Naturally we'll keep you updated. [Kotaku]

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