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Forza 5 Requires Mandatory Day-One Download To Play

Jonathan Lester
Forza 5, Microsoft Studios, Turn 10, Xbox One, Xbox One Games

Forza 5 Requires Mandatory Day-One Download To Play

The Xbox One may not have online check-ins any more, but Forza 5 will require players to download a day-one content update before being able to play even the singleplayer portion. Effectively, the full game isn't actually on the disc.

“So when you first boot up the game, we’re going to ask you to log in,” Turn 10 boss Dan Greenwalt told IGN, “and when you log in you’re going to get the Drivatars and you’re also going to get a whole bunch of content: tracks and cars. Our production schedule is such that we are putting them in as late as possible and that means making them free as downloadable content on Day One.

“That is required content to play the game. We basically have designed the game to work with all that content no matter how late is coming in, in order to make the biggest game possible.”

Before you start raging, it's worth taking a step back and thinking about this. The update will be free, naturally, and probably won't affect the vast majority of players who'll already be automatically connected to the internet and Xbox Live (and already automatically connect every time they switch on their Xbox 360).

On the other hand, we like to play games without having to fanny about first. Thoughts?

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Tsung  Jul. 17, 2013 at 10:50

I suppose it depends if their servers can cope with day 1 demand?. If they don't it will be classed as a failure. I have little faith in games requiring internet connection from launch day as the servers are always rammed.

Being asked to log in? well that seems to suggest they want an email address which equals future spam. No games should demand an email address to make them work; ever.

Late  Jul. 17, 2013 at 10:54

All sounds fine to me so long as there's no restrictions on this free download/patch. If you need to input a code to get it then they're just trying to kill the second hand market (and probably earn extra money by selling the code to people who don't have one).

If, as it sounds here, it's just an automatic update then it's all good. I can't remember the last time I played a game that didn't have an automatic update when first booted up. Of course, they're not mandatory - but that makes no practical difference to me as I always install them anyway.

englishpunk  Jul. 17, 2013 at 13:07

There are often day one patches to resolve problems, and that's fine (though not ideal). My concern here would be you need the download to play even the single player, which sounds a lot like another surreptitious DRM strategy.

What happens if you have no internet connection or as mentioned server issues are in effect, or some time in the future you want to start playing it again (having deleted the file), but can't download it again ?

I think it proves where Microsoft stand on these things, they might have relented on the always-on requirement (for now), but can they be trusted to do the best for the consumer ? It seems probably not.

DivideByZero  Jul. 17, 2013 at 13:37

No different to when you buy a Steam game really. Have to be online once to register it first etc.

Even the mighty Steam collapses under its own weight when something big comes out (CoD / L4D2 etc).

Will be interesting to see if this becomes the norm for the Xbox One.

X10  Jul. 17, 2013 at 15:32

Strange how we're slowly changing our expectation and view on gaming slowly but surely.
Now people say it's acceptable for the entire game not to be available on the retail purchase on day 1.....how sad.

Last edited by X10, Jul. 17, 2013 at 17:45
DivideByZero  Jul. 17, 2013 at 15:41


I chucked that exact strop when I bought Half Life 2 back in 2004... That was the first game to require online activation through Steam.

I thought it was a brutally harsh DRM with no benefits... however, over the last 9 years, Steam has gone from strength to strength and now I love it.

So for me, this is 9 years old news. Sure, it is new on console... but not new to gaming, for me and many other PC gamers at least.

Anarchist  Jul. 17, 2013 at 16:06

Strange how we're slowly changing our expectation and view on gaming slowly but surely.
Now people say it's acceptable for the entire game not be be available on the retail purchase on day 1.....how sad.

The alternatives are they push the game back, or just release it as day one patch.

Seeing as Turn10 are fantastic developers that do not release shoddy games, and they have no real history of screwing fans over, I do trust them.

I seriously doubt they will require codes - none of their previous games have and they would have jumped on that bandwagon a long time ago if they were intending to. By log in, I will assume he means log in to XBL (ie turn your console on).

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