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Forza Horizon 2 Developer Interview - Ralph Fulton talks aesthetics and AI

Matt Gardner
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At a recent Microsoft showcase, I sat down with Playground games' creative director, Ralph Fulton, to have a bit of a chat about the upcoming Forza Horizon 2. The hands-on preview is already live, and here's a little taster:

The dusty tracks of Colorado are abandoned in the sequel for the sweeping coastlines of Southern France and a Northern Italy, on a map that Playground are touting as being three times the size of the original game's. The difference is clear already, and for this European writer at least, enormously welcome. Even in the short demo I breezed through, everything seems a little more vibrant, the vineyards and rolling fields delivering more colour, peppered with quaint Mediterranean villages. The Lamborghini that adorns every shot of Horizon 2's marketing is certainly more at home here - a millionaire's paradise, and a driving fan's dream.

Forza Horizon release for Xbox One on September 30th.

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JoeDark64  Jul. 12, 2014 at 16:33

Ah looking forward to this title the more I see it!

One question though. What was going on with that handshake?!

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