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Forza Horizon Confirmed, Coming This Autumn

Jonathan Lester
Forza Horizon, Microsoft, Playground Games, Xbox 360 games

Forza Horizon Confirmed, Coming This Autumn

Microsoft has officially confirmed that this weekend's unbelievably sketchy reveal trailer is actually right on the money. Forza Horizon is indeed in development by Playground Games: an upstart UK outfit staffed by Codemasters, Black Rock and Bizarre Creations veterans. While details are still thin on the ground, multiple visitors to the recent Microsoft Spring Showcase report that the new project is designed to be an instantly accessible racer, possibly with a more open structure than the previous games (resembling Test Drive Unlimited in terms of freedom and exploration). Interestingly, Microsoft plans to annualise the franchise using these side projects to augment Turn 10's major releases.

CVG reports that Forza 4 will be receiving new DLC in May, which will will bolt 30 Porsche cars, 20 world tour events and ten Achievements onto the already-heaving package. A level cap increase is also slated for March via title update.

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stevenjameshyde  Mar. 5, 2012 at 14:52

New racer from the creators of PGR and GRID combined? Awesome. Add in the Forza name to drive strong sales and a large online community? Can't go wrong really

hurrakan  Mar. 5, 2012 at 16:23

Forza 4 is great but there are still many aspects of the way it's designed that annoy me. I waste a lot of time going between menus. The game could be structured much more effectively, in a way that encourages more racing.

There's no way to compare two cars. There's no way to save and restore multiple tuning setups. There's no way to compare telemetry.

I don't understand how they have missed these things for four games...

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