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Free 10 Day Trial Of World Of Warcraft @ Trywarcraft.com [PC Game]

Marius Goubert
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Free 10 Day Trial Of World Of Warcraft @ Trywarcraft.com [PC Game]

The World of WarCraft video game has certainly created quite a stir in recent years. It has been dubbed by many as one of the most addictive games ever made. A game which drains the soul, forces people into rehab and has even resulted in someone’s death after they played it for 36 hours solid… I know, sounds great doesn’t it! So if you’re interested to see what all the fuss is about then check out this 10 day free trial being offered from the official War craft website.

The World of Warcraft is the massive multiplayer online role play game to own. In terms of its level of complexity, graphics, scale, gameplay and the sheer number of players involved it cannot be beaten. However this is also the game’s biggest flaw.

It is ridiculously time consuming and dangerously addictive! The world is just so vast that your little character gets bogged down in all sorts of missions, explorations and co – operative actions which just go on and on for days.

For example dungeon raids can involve a group of up to forty people who have to be organised meticulously before venturing out. This alone can take a good few hours, so once you have picked up the game you’re not going to be putting it down again for a good long while. So handle carefully!

It terms of storyline, War Craft takes place four years after the carnage of The World of War Craft III: Reign of Chaos. The lands of Azeroth stand ravaged by war. But now, as the kingdoms are being rebuilt a new threat has descended, and players must unite together if they are to have any hope of defeating this new evil.

So fans of MMORPG be warned, this one becomes an obsession. But on the plus side after some really hardcore gaming you can eventually sell your WOW account – and sometimes these go for hundreds if not thousands of pounds on Ebay! So there you go, it’s not all a futile waste of time after all…

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