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Free Fallen Earth Expansion Pack Out Today

Jonathan Lester
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Free Fallen Earth Expansion Pack Out Today

We recently reported that Fallen Earth, the post-apocalyptic MMORPG, will be adopting a free-to-play model this Autumn, and as an extra incentive to get involved, GamersFirst has launched a massive free expansion pack that adds loads of new features to the proceedings. Alpha County delivers an enormous new play area, extra missions and plenty of content, and we have the full details below.

The Alpha Country expansion is will be free to download later today after a server update (around 4:00 GMT), and contains the following updates:

  • 75 square miles of new environments. Alpha County bolts on a massive new combat area based around a quarantined agricultural experiment, complete with plenty of exploration, missions, disputed territory and rare resources.
  • Progress Towns. These new villages are PvP zones that allow factions to vie for control over key territory. Players will be able to build bunkers and defensive defences and to hold their new stake in the game world.
  • New Armor, Weapons and Tools. New beatsticks, guns, machine gun platforms and tailor-colored Hexweave armored suits are now available for discovery, creation and sale. The new weapons will keep within the theme of the new sector, pulling heavily from Alpha County’s feral plant life, newly found technology and colors that match the isolated wasteland.
  • Improved Combat Balance. Player skill and mutation lines have been further diversified. This new system will create wider varieties of player builds and roles in combat. To further balance gameplay, skills no longer increase automatically with base statistics, so player teams no longer get each other's best abilities without specialized investment.
  • Six New Skill Lines: Power, Precision, Heavy Weapons, Dirty Tricks, Illumination and Escape Artist.
  • Increased level cap. You can now advance your character to level 55.

You can view the full changelog here, in case you're interested.

The player community for Fallen Earth has been instrumental in helping us create an end-game zone that will both engage our hard-core players and inspire new players to level so they can get their piece of Alpha County. Marie and her team have outdone themselves with the overall craft and polish in Alpha County, and we are excited to see how the player community reacts to their hard work. - Joseph Willmon, associate game director for GamersFirst

We'll keep you posted.

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