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Bungie's 20th Anniversary: Get Fire, Get Marathon, Get Steak!

Josh Clark
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Halo: Reach | Marathon | Xbox 360

Bungie's 20th Anniversary: Get Fire, Get Marathon, Get Steak!

It's Bungie day today, as well as the 20th anniversary of the influential and much-loved studio. Bungie will be bidding a fond farewell to the Halo franchise, which will now be handled by 343 Industries, in order to focus on the recently revealed Bungie Aerospace, which seeks to help budding developers find their footing in the industry. To celebrate and commiserate this epic transition, there's a range of goodies, freebies and events to gorge yourself on including the release of Marathon for the iPad.

Since this year's Bungie Day falls on the company's 20th anniversary, they'll be sharing the steaky celebrations with the fans in special multiplayer matches.  There will be a whole host of in-game valuables to collect in Reach too, including the burning blue helmets that were previously only available to Bungie employees. Red vs Blue are here, as always, to fill us in on the details:

Those of you sitting in front of your tellies wearing replica Mjolnir helmets and clutching your Halo-edition pads might be interested to learn that the predecessor to Bungie's biggest franchise, Marathon, is now available to download free for your iPad.

The port has been handled by one Daniel Blezek who, after the game was released as open source in 1999, dedicated himself to bringing the seminal title to iPads everywhere.  Bungie have acknowledged the achievement by conducting an interview with the coder on the site, as well as giving the game their full backing.

It may be a sad day for Bungie, but thanks to Blezek and his free iPad update of Marathon, there's also plenty to smile about.


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