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Free Mass Effect 3 Datapad App Launches On iOS

Matt Gardner
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Free Mass Effect 3 Datapad App Launches On iOS

Is the Galaxy still not quite as Ready as you'd like? We'll here comes another slice of Mass Effect software to help get those fleets in order. Anyone would think EA are trying to getting the word out about a new game of theirs.

In fairness, the Datapad is actually pretty damn cool, and we'd probably nab it even if it didn't contribute in some small way to Mass Effect 3 itself. Currently free on the App Store, the Datapad not only gives you access to the Codex on the go, lets you watch trailers on the go, and sends you emails from your squadmates, but it also has a little fleet-deploying mini-game.

The latter is a little Tiny Tower-esque, in that you'll have to set things up and wait for a few hours before any benefits may be reaped, but you can always siphon money over to EA to speed the process up.

If that sounds like slipping a local councillor a bribe to speed up your parking permit paperwork, well that's because bureaucratic payoffs and microtransactions are fairly similar.

Check out the app here.

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