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Free PC Game Download: Wallace And Gromit Episode 3 "Muzzled" [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
PC games, Wallace and Gromit

Free PC Game Download: Wallace And Gromit Episode 3 "Muzzled" [PC Games] A deal here which hardcore fans of the quirky-claymation-Wallace and Gromit duo are going to be snapping up faster than Wallace eats a Wensleydale cracker. Telltale Games – the same people who brought to our PCs titles like Sam and Max – are currently offering customers the opportunity to download Muzzled! the third episode in the Wallace and Gromit PC game series for free! So, if you were one of those crazed fans who grew up with pictures of the plastercine pair plastered all over your bedroom wall like some mad sexual fetish, you’ll know that these Telltale productions are about the closest thing you’re going to get to a new film.

Having played both episode one and four of the series I can honestly saw that Telltale have stepped up and done a superb job which will have true Wallace and Gromit fans beaming with pride. Half expecting to be confronted with a load of tacked on adaptations simply trying to cash-in on a well established brand, I was pleasantly surprised by how well put together and incredibly authentic these episodes have managed to be. Telltale teamed up with Ardman Studios – the original Wallace and Gromit creators– who provided much of the creative input, and as a consequence the storylines, script, graphics and voices in all these productions are spot on.

However this in itself is also the game’s biggest flaw in my opinion. To enjoy the games you really have to be into Wallace and Gromit. As someone who, on the one hand, can appreciate the fact these games are a well put together, credible addition to the franchise, the fact I’ve never had much love for Wallace and Gromit means it’s hard to get overly enthusiastic. Free PC Game Download: Wallace And Gromit Episode 3 "Muzzled" [PC Games] Perhaps if Telltale brought out some mad, GTA-style W+G where you massacre everyone in West Wallaby Street with one of Wallace’s crazed inventions and run from the law, I might get a bit more exited. Of course this would probably alienate the traditional fan base, but nevertheless, I live in hope…

(Note: This deal expires on the 9th of November)

Thanks to Emmajk42 from Hotukdeals.

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