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Free Peggle spells doom for all hopes of productivity

Matt Gardner
EA, Origin, PC games, Peggle, PopCap

Free Peggle spells doom for all hopes of productivity

Peggle is currently free on Origin. That right. Free Peggle. It's like Free Willy, except not an imperative, and much better than Free Willy.

Why are you still reading this. Go and download it immediately. Peggle that is, not Free Willy.

Why? BECAUSE IT'S PEGGLE YOU FOOL! Unless you actually want to get something accomplished today, of course. Peggle is, after all, fiendishly addictive, and be prepared to have Ode To Joy stuck in your head for days on end. I hear it every time I get a small little life victory. Managed to get crumpled paper ball in the bin first time? Ode To Joy. Get a free drink down the local pub? Ode To Joy. When you fart in a lift and everyone blames the person next to youi? Ode To Joy.

I may have a problem.

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