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Free Your Inner T-Rex In Primal Carnage Launch Trailer

Jonathan Lester
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Primal Carnage is out now: a multiplayer shooter that lets players assume the role of gun-toting humans or ravenous dinosaurs. Guess which faction we're more excited about? To celebrate, Lukewarm Media have released a launch trailer that shows off what promises to be some seriously mental online action.

"Primal Carnage is the dinosaur title for which the world has been waiting. Dinosaurs take center stage in this class-based online multiplayer shooter featuring fast-paced combat between a team of humans brave enough to stand toe-to-toe with hordes of some of the most vicious animals ever to walk the face of the earth. Players can choose to take on both sides of the battle as either the human classes utilizing an arsenal of distinct and unique weaponry or inhabit the body of one of these menacing and powerful dinosaurs intent on leaving a trail of blood and destruction in their wake."

Primal Carnage key features include:

  • Rendered in stunning beauty using the Unreal Engine, players will wage war between man and beast in five large, open and varied environments
  • 10 playable classes (five Human, five Dinosaur), each with unique skills and abilities
  • Play from both first-person (Human) and third-person (Dinosaur) perspectives providing a contrasting gameplay experience for both teams
  • Multiple achievements and an extensive DLC roadmap

Ooh, an extensive DLC roadmap. Fun. Regardless, you can now buy Primal Carnage on the official website, Steam, GameStop, GamersGate, and Rain for £9.95.

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Tsung  Oct. 30, 2012 at 12:52

My problem is who would want to play the Humans?. It's the same issue I have with L4D2. I don't want to play the survivors as it isn't any fun.. But playing the infected is awesome fun.

Extensive DLC roadmap for me is not a feature, it's a curse unless the DLC is free. Add more maps and you immediately fragment your player base. Add different class/weapons then you fragment from those who bought it against those who have not.

Guess I'll wait for the Gold/Complete edition.

Tsung  Oct. 30, 2012 at 12:58

Oh also Team Death Match? Really.. come on be more creative..

Possible game modes could include..

Humans have to defend key structures from the dinosaurs, Electric fences, food sources, etc. These are in place to prevent the dinos from escaping..

Or turn it on it's head. The dino's have to defend their nests/breeding grounds from Human's who are trying to destroy them.

Team deathmatch is really the lowest of all multiplayer modes out there. We cannot think of anything creative so we will go with TDM. :/

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