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Three New Free Vita Apps On The Way

Jonathan Lester
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Playstation Vita

Three New Free Vita Apps On The Way

Sony has revealed three new free PS Vita apps that should provide some fun distractions over the next few months. As well as a new way of waking up in the morning - with friends.

As discussed on the PlayStation BlogPaint Park turns the Vita's touchscreen into a sketch pad complete with various virtual brushes, markers, templates and colour palettes. Photos from the front and rear cameras can be imported into the software, and shared via Wi-Fi. Users will even be able to participate in online multiplayer, which we assume will be a massive artistic free-for-all or an asynchronous drawing minigame in the vein of Draw Something. It's now available to download.

Treasure Park allows players to create their own puzzles to share with their friends and the online community, and download user-made content to play during long commutes. It's scheduled for the summer.

Finally, and most bizarrely, Wake-Up Club will act as a customisable alarm clock that links with other users, allowing you to wake up at the same time with customised alarm tones and fascias. No, we can't explain why either. It's also slated for a summer release.

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Winghead84  Apr. 19, 2012 at 08:38

Doesn't sound bad. Getting the PS1 classics on there should be top priority though. That and Spotify.

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