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Free XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC Available Now

Jonathan Lester
DLC, Firaxis Games, Strategy games, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Free XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC Available Now

A free update for XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now available on Steam (Xbox 360 and PS3 versions to follow in updates today and tomorrow respectively), adding a range of optional modifiers and mutators that change how you play the game.

We've got the full list of mutators below.

  • Damage Roulette: Weapons have a wider range of damage.
  • New Economy: Randomized council member funding.
  • Not Created Equally: Rookies will have random starting stats.
  • Hidden Potential: As a soldier is promoted, stats increase randomly.
  • Red Fog: Combat wounds will degrade the soldier’s mission stats.
  • Absolutely Critical: A flanking shot guarantees a critical hit.
  • The Greater Good: Psionics can only be learned from interrogating a psionic alien.
  • Marathon: The game takes considerably longer to complete.
  • Results Driven: A country offers less funding as its panic level increases.
  • High Stakes: Random rewards for stopping alien abductions.
  • Diminishing Returns: Increased cost of satellite construction.

Available only after completing the game on Impossible difficulty:

  • More Than Human: The psionic gift is extremely rare.
  • War Weariness: Funding goes down over time.
  • E-115: Elerium degrades over time.
  • Total Loss: Lose all soldier gear upon death.
  • Alternate Sources: The power source cost to build facilities increases dramatically
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Late  Jun. 19, 2013 at 16:06

Any idea if there's likely to be more DLC, or a GOTY edition of this game?

I'm ashamed to admit I still don't have xcom: enemy unknown, and I really should. (I had it in mind that it'd be a bit niche, and would quickly drop in price to around £10-£15, but that never happened.) Now I'm not sure if I should be holding out for a "complete" edition.

Or perhaps all the DLC was free, so the normal retail version is already a complete edition...

stevenjameshyde  Jun. 19, 2013 at 16:46

Ah, good old supply and demand economics. The publishers also suspected that this would be a niche title - restricted supplies plus universal critical acclaim kept prices high for a long while. I suspect it's presence on PS+ this month might lead to a mini price collapse, though

The DLC wasn't free on 360, by the way - it was 560 MSP


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