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Freespace 2

Freespace 2 | £3.77 | GOG | PC

Jonathan Lester
Interplay, PC games, Space Sim, Volition Inc.
Freespace 2 | PC
Freespace 2 | £3.77 | GOG | PC
  • What: Freespace 2
  • Where: Good Old Games
  • Current Price: ~£3.77 ($5.99)
  • RRP: £12.99

So here it is: the best Space Sim ever made. Yes, really. Freespace 2 contains some brilliant missions, fantastic mechanics and amazing spaceships - which is a fair trade for the lack of a sprawling persistent universe. Until space sims make their triumphant return (please?), this is a fantastic price point with guaranteed Windows compatibility and a £9 saving compared to Impulse Driven.

Note that the GoG page also links you to a modding portal, which will extend the experience indefinitely.