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Fresh Dead Space 3 Vid Sees Isaac All Alone Once More

Matt Gardner
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Fresh Dead Space 3 Vid Sees Isaac All Alone Once More

...Except For The Hideous Flesh-Eating Monsters

Visceral Games have delivered a fat slab of singleplayer gameplay footage from Dead Space 3 that appear to feature a pleasing lack of obnoxious meathead John Carver. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that this video looks more like Ded Space than a Necromorph-stuffed Lost Planet, which is thankful indeed.

Elsewhere, EA have announced two pre-order bonus packs, both of which contain an additional suit for Isaac, and a unique weapon.

The "First Contact" bundle will include a gold suit designed to allow for prolonged exposure to outer space environments, along with the "Negotiator", a gun that sports a Tesla Beam and linegun.

The "Witness the Truth" bundle will gift players an insulated suit designed to protect the wearer against extreme cold, and the "Evangeliser", which combines an assault rifle with a shotgun. Like strapping the Sky remote to the TV's...only with bullets, and gore.

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