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Frictional Games: Interactive Storytelling Needs To Advance

Jonathan Lester
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Frictional Games: Interactive Storytelling Needs To Advance

"Don't Try To Beat The Game, Try To Live The Game"

Amnesia: The Dark Descent designer Thomas Grip believes that developers and gamers need to realise that "story is not just the plot" - i.e. that games should convey their narrative through interactive gameplay, art design and audio rather than relying on cutscenes.

Grip postulated that interactivity needs to be holistically incorporated into game narratives, rather than having interactive gameplay and non-interactive storytelling exist side by side. As an example, he discussed how two games separated by a 20 year gap - Uncharted and Another World - essentially boils down to jumping gameplay spaced out by non-interactive cutscenes. “This is weird… why haven’t we advanced?" he moaned. "The main culprit is how most of these games are designed.”

The Frictional Games co-founder proceeded to challenge writers to ""tell stories where you play all the way through the games, not just the bits where the designers tell you to," and urged developers to keep storytelling simple to allow players to project their own motivations and use their own imaginations.

Grip concluded: "don't try to beat the game, try to live the game," and teased that Frictional are working on an unannounced game that will "push this as far as we possibly can." [Gamasutra]

If you want to learn more about the interactive narrative vs storyline debate, I seem to recall that Extra Credits explored the subject in their very first episode. It makes for a decent jumping-off point.

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