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From PSN Subscriptions To The PS2 In Brazil: News Roundup November 20th

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Today’s news roundup sees the possibility of Sony following in the footsteps of Microsoft and introducing a subscription service to PSN, rumours of a Call of Duty movie in the works, and the PS2 finally seeing release in Brazil.

Subscription Service Possibly Coming to PSN

From PSN Subscriptions To The PS2 In Brazil: News Roundup November 20th

With Microsoft forcing customers to pay out the eyeballs for online play, PS3 owners enjoyed the smug satisfaction of having the same privileges at zero the cost.  Perhaps not any more however, as a Sony presentation recently mentioned the possibility of a “new revenue stream from subscription” for the PlayStation Network.

Kaz Hirai announced they are “studying the possibility of introducing a subscription model, offering premium content and services, in addition to the current free services.”  Although in the early stages of planning, a new subscription model seems entirely likely, given the current economic climate.  That said, it appears, as Hirai’s careful wording seems to suggest, current features such as online play will remain free, with Sony planning to implement additional features at a cost.  When more details emerge we’ll let you know.  [Eurogamer]

Call of Duty Movie May be in The Works

From PSN Subscriptions To The PS2 In Brazil: News Roundup November 20th

According to Kevin McKidd, the voice of Soap MacTavish of Modern Warfare fame, Call of Duty may be in the for the big screen treatment.  McKidd joked his role in the game came about when they were after a “rough, Scottish actor in Hollywood,” and seeing as Gerard ‘THIS. IS. SPARTA!’ Butler wasn’t available, they took him instead.  The No.2 Gerard Butler according to him.

I had no idea [Modern Warfare] would be so huge, and now there are talks of a feature film,” said McKidd.  When asked if he would play old Soapy himself, he joked as long as the script is good, and Butler isn’t available, “then absolutely.”  Considering the popularity of Call of Duty, the movie appears a strong possibility, most likely based on the Modern Warfare series.  [NYPost]

PS2 Made Available in Brazil

From PSN Subscriptions To The PS2 In Brazil: News Roundup November 20th

While we enjoy the current generation of consoles and look forward to the next, spare a though to the poor Brazilians, who are only now getting the nine-year-old PS2.  Sony has only now made it official for the PS2 to be sold in Brazil, for the price 799 Brazilian dollars (roughly £280).  Apparently high import taxes since the mid 1990s is the reason for such a wallet bursting price.

The price tag is likely to force some to turn to piracy in order to play games, with Brazil already suffering from an exceptionally large pirate market.  Brazilian site UOL estimated that in 2006, illegally imported games made up as much as 80% of the Brazilian video game market.  So don’t be expecting the PS2 to change that.  [Kotaku]

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