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From Project Natal To Poor PS3: News Roundup 19th June

Felix Kemp
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As the week draws to a close, the internet is abuzz with rumours about a new Xbox 360 launching next year, tweaked and equipped with their motion-sensing camera, Project Natal. Also, Activision cast doubt on their support of Sony’s Playstation 3. And Xbox Live Silver subscribers can upgrade to Gold for £1!

A New Xbox 360 Next Year?

From Project Natal To Poor PS3: News Roundup 19th June

Since it’s unveiling at E3 2009, Project Natal has stirred up countless rumours, notably that a new Xbox 360 with beefed-up hardware would be released alongside the motion-sensing camera in 2010.

Microsoft denied these rumours, but today, Microsoft’s boss, Steve Ballmer, claimed a new Xbox 360 with Project Natal built-in would release next year, to coincide with the peripheral’s release. Microsoft have since denied Ballmer’s announcement, but it seems like they’re covering their tracks to prevent any stolen thunder! [Eurogamer]

Activision Suspicious of PS3 Future

From Project Natal To Poor PS3: News Roundup 19th June

CEO of Activision, Bobby Kotick, has cast doubt over his company’s support of Sony’s Playstation 3, citing the console’s lagging sales and expensive budget. Considering Activision produce the likes of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, the current-generation heavy-hitters, Sony should be worried. [Joystiq]

One-Month of Xbox Live Gold for £1

From Project Natal To Poor PS3: News Roundup 19th June

For a limited-time only, Silver subscribers to Xbox Live can enjoy the upgraded benefits of Gold for a month, for the cut-down price of £1! Available to purchase on the 360 dashboard, it’s an obvious attempt from Microsoft to hook fence-sitters to hop on over to Gold!

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can play online multiplayer, unavailable to Silver, and receive demos and the like earlier. [GamerCenterOnline]

Gran Turismo 5 In November?

From Project Natal To Poor PS3: News Roundup 19th June

According to Play.com, Sony’s premier racing-game, Gran Turismo 5, will be released in November of this year. GT5 has been in development for almost four years, although Sony has yet to confirm whether the release date is real or not.

The development team for GT5 have claimed they could release the game whenever they liked, considering the groundwork had already been laid with Gran Turismo Prologue, released in 2007. If GT5 were to release in November, it would come hot on the heels of its Microsoft rival, Forza Motorsport, whose third instalment releases in October. [VG247]

Microsoft Exec Jumps Ship

From Project Natal To Poor PS3: News Roundup 19th June

John Schappert, Corporate VP for Microsoft, has announced he’s leaving the software giant to return to EA, two years after leaving them. Schappert oversaw the Xbox 360 division’s LIVE and software services, masterminding the release of the New Xbox Experience late last year.

Scraper’s departure mirrors that of former Microsoft exec, Peter Moore, who also left them to join EA. Schappert, however, joined Microsoft in 2007 from EA, where he built EA Tiburon, developers of the Madden franchise. [1UP]

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