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Frontier Release First Dev Diary For Elite: Dangerous

Matt Gardner
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Frontier Release First Dev Diary For Elite: Dangerous

David Braben and the good folks at Frontier have released the first developer diary for upcoming space sim Elite: Dangerous. Braben chats about multiplayer features in this initial video, describing a number of the game's core pillars as two ships twirl and dance through an asteroid field.

The gameplay footage is still very early, there's no HUD or cockpit view yet, but it's still a rather soothing way to start a new week, and a reminder that Elite: Dangerous' Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing. 

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Jaffo  Nov. 26, 2012 at 09:58

Asteroid field dogfights are the best dogfights.

Hmm, not exactly racing towards their KS target though. Personally, I think they are overcharging at £20 for the game.

Tsung  Nov. 26, 2012 at 10:46

Not overcharging, but giving very little away for the money. If I support a Kickstarter I expect more than just a digital copy of the game **IF** they finish it. Throw in some wallpapers, everybody who buy the game should have access to the Beta not just the rich (£50+) few.

Access to progress should be expected, not a £10 tier reward. £75 just to access the backers forums!! what planet are Frontier on?

I'm sorry, I enjoyed Elite when it came out in the eighties, but I cannot afford to back this project that the funding levels required to see any progress. I see little benefit in putting down £20/£30 now on the off chance a game is produced. I could pay now, or wait for it to be released and pay then. :/

MattGardner  Nov. 26, 2012 at 13:45

Whilst I don't have any issue with big names using KS as a benchmark for interest to get a project flying, Frontier seem under prepared. RSI, Obsidian, and of course Double Fine have all demonstrated how to pitch successfully. It's not enough to go in with a vague idea and the laurels upon which you've been resting for a decade or two. That may not be the case, but the presentation of Elite Dangerous appears to have been conducted on the fly thus far, and that's hardly inspiring, particularly when the likes of Star Citizen and SSZ have gotten their pitches bang on.

theslickmeister  Nov. 27, 2012 at 08:54

Side point: Isn't the main point of a Kickstarter to raise money to pay for the funding of your game, the implication being that if you didn't manage to reach your goal, the game couldn't be made (which is also a good indication of whether it should be made too).

It seems like this game is going to be made regardless of any funding raised, they just want some extra cash, granted you are essentially pre-ordering the game when you back it.

This isn't the first example of game to do this tho, I'm getting a little concerned with the number of projects that are just throwing themselves on Kickstarter because they can. :/

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