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Frozen Synapse Ending Changed To Spoof Mass Effect 3 Outcry

Jonathan Lester
Frozen Synapse, Mass Effect 3, Mode 7 Games

Frozen Synapse Ending Changed To Spoof Mass Effect 3 Outcry

"We Don't Care If You Like It"

Indie darling Mode 7 Games has changed the ending to award-winning strategy game Frozen Synapse in order to parody the ongoing Mass Effect 3 ending debacle.

Developer Paul Taylor explains that they wanted to experiment with how it feels to compromise their own artistic creation based on fan feedback, and has urged other developers to do the same - thus putting themselves in BioWare's shoes.

"This is not a criticism of Bioware or anything they have said / done. It is an experiment: I wanted to know how this felt. Honestly, it felt like vandalising my own work, which was interesting."

"We took community suggestions about ponies and dinosaurs, as well as including the words “moist” and “dolphin-proof.”

The updated ending will only last for a week, so be sure to check it out while it lasts. We've also embedded a clip below. [Mode 7]

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Korma  Mar. 24, 2012 at 10:40

Wow it's been a year already since they took part in that Valve potato craziness to help launch Portal 2.


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