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Frozen Synapse Singleplayer Details Revealed

Jonathan Lester
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We've been keeping an eye on (read: playing the hell out of) the Frozen Synapse beta for some time, and have stated that it's set to completely revitalise the strategy genre in our hands-on previews. Its multiplayer is essentially a cross between Counterstrike, X-COM, Tron and Facebook... but developers Mode 7 have now revealed that their singleplayer campaign is ready for action. Randomised action, "rapping hackers" and "unexpected delights" await!

Mode 7 have confirmed Frozen Synapse's singleplayer campaign is now playable in the final beta (accessible to preorder customers), and that they're chuffed with how it's turned out.

We always wanted Frozen Synapse to have a big single player component. This was inherently daft, given the fact that we're a very small team, but we've done it now. We're very pleased with the results! - ejaculated Joint Managing Director Paul Taylor, quotably. [sic]

The campaign is set in the fictional city of Markov Geist, where multiple dangerous factions vie for control. Whilst mission objectives are fixed, the levels themselves are randomly-generated (down to enemy placements, weapon loadouts and architecture) which should provide serious replayability as well as a fair few surprises. Enemy AI behaviour will also adapt to the player's actions.

Mode 7 have also confirmed "new special units, civilians, friendly AI units, laser tripwires (as requested by the community!), unique single player mission types, rapping hackers, an in-game dossier which allows players to delve into the backstory."

Yes, we're excited - and believe that Frozen Synapse is set to completely revolutionise the way we play strategy games. Why not check out our hands-on beta preview?

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