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Fuel £5.60 @ Tesco Entertainment [PS3]

Marius Goubert
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Playstation 3

Fuel £5.60 @ Tesco Entertainment [PS3]Regarding game deals, Tesco Entertainment have been coming up with the goods these last few weeks, and in the latest deal to draw some attention over on HUKD, they are currently offering copies of Fuel for just £5.60. Not a bad deal when you consider that the next best price comes £8.85 from Shopto (although they are OOS) and after that you’re looking at £8.91 over on Asda.

Fuel more or less consists of tearing round a vast post-apocalyptic landscape in a variety of different off-road vehicles. The game is very impressive in terms of scale, and provides an open-world covering some 5,000 square miles of terrain. From crossers to dune buggies, the sheer number of vehicles on offer is similar vast, and races are made all the more enjoyable by the fact that winning is often about finding the best short cuts.

Cutting in front of the opposition at the last moment after some hair-raising dash through a dense forest or some insane jolt down a practically vertical cliff face makes for some memorable gameplay moments. However, despite its strengths, the game is often let down by poor opponent AI and the fact that there is actually very little incentive to explore the 5,000 square miles of terrain on offer. This is disappointing when you consider the fascinating possibilities which Fuel opened up. But overall, despite the fact it could have been a great title, Fuel sadly ends up little more than average.

Thanks to WRXiceman @ HUKD

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fanpages  Mar. 20, 2010 at 12:43

"...(although they are OFS)..."

Do you mean "Out Of Stock" [OOS]?




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