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Fuse: 18-Minute Guided Tour Hits The Net

Jonathan Lester
EA, Fuse, Insomniac Games, third person shooter, trailer

Insomniac Games president Ted Price talks us through over eighteen minutes of gameplay footage in this whopping progress update for Fuse. The cooperative shooter once known as Overstrike 9 is looking more promising every time we see it, with this video shedding new light on the characters, weapons, mechanics, storyline and the mysterious Fuse substance itself.

Stay tuned for "fuse-powered wrecking balls."

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wquach  Oct. 23, 2012 at 08:14

The game is shaping up nicely, and I'm more excited about it now that Ted Price took the time to go through some of its unique features. I suspect this is to try to alleviate and distinguish the game over concerns that it was shaping up to be another generic co-op shooter after the change in the previous comical art style/direction.

What still concerns me is the weapon/co-op interactions. Switching between characters on-the-fly is great and adds much more strategic flexibility and planning, but it seems like, for now, the weapon combinations is a tad bit shallow. Basically all I'm seeing is using Dalton for a shield while the others shoot through it. Of course, this is just a preview and all but I really hope there's more strategies/elements to their Fuse weapons.

I'm imagining interactions like melting enemies with the mercury crossbow, then using the shatter gun's elements on the mercury to create another substance - perhaps a floor of immobilizing goo that will trap enemies. Or maybe throwing a shield bomb down and having a teammate shoot the crystal substance at it will cause it to become a wall of spiky shards or projectiles. Or shooting hot crossbow bolts into the blackhole heats it up to grow larger in size or quickly gain more power.

These different interactions/combinations could extend to more efficient strategies of taking down certain enemy types depending on the situation.

Of course, to really employ these kind of scenarios/mechanics in a single-player sense would be more difficult depending on whether the A.I. is up to the task or not, or whether you would want them to perform these type of actions altogether.

I dunno, there's a lot of possibilities Insomniac can really play with given that they're dealing with an "alien substance," which basically allows them so much creative freedom over what their weapons can accomplish.

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