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Gaikai: Perry Predicts Microsoft 'Will Have To' Enter TV Market

Matt Gardner
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Gaikai: Perry Predicts Microsoft 'Will Have To' Enter TV Market

Gaikai's executives have been making a fair few predictions this year in the press, and the latest one comes courtesy of head honcho Dave Perry, who argues that Microsoft will almost certainly have to enter the TV market in the (relatively) near future. Citing examples  of digital televisions going beyond their previous remit and delivering the functionality of a media hub, it won't be long before they start delivering games too, and then where will that leave Microsoft?

"Once the other media hubs can have games - and I don't mean Checkers, but things like Call of Duty - the public will get confused. With that in mind, who is able to make a TV? Sony is already making them, so it will have to take all that stuff into its TVs," says Perry.

"So: my prediction is that Microsoft will have to make a TV. What choice do they have? There have been lots of reports that Apple has bought out a large LCD panel-making company. It's pretty obvious that they're on the trail too."

Sony, of course, announced their PS2 TV last year, and, being a hardware manufacturer on both sides of the fence, it's almost a given that their console line and TV line will integrate further down the line.

Gaikai, too, have a vested interest here, with Perry likely to be a little biased considering his company have just leapt into bed with LG, giving them the rights to embed Gaikai into future TV lines. Speaking of cloud gaming, OnLive's microconsole is simply a delivery system for the client that's made its way onto PC, Mac and Android, so with the advent of digital TV it would not be difficult to synchronise there, one would think.

Pricing, of course, will be the key thing and technology tends to look towards the smaller, sleeker and more space-saving options, so a coming together of consoles and TVs is likely at some point, particularly as digital distribution becomes more and more popular. Though, frankly, with TVs now able to access the internet and PCs able to deliver digital television, we'll probably have to come up for an entirely new name for the inevitable crunch point. 'Telecomps' perhaps? The Mesmertron? Cultural Altars?

Whatever happens, it's bound to be more exciting than 3D TV. [CVG]

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