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From Gaikai's Completion To THQ's 'Expensive' Motion Title - News Roundup 8th October 2010

Matt Gardner
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Gaikai Is 'Feature Complete' And To Launch In December

From Gaikai's Completion To THQ's 'Expensive' Motion Title - News Roundup 8th October 2010

We've been hearing a fair bit from cloud-based service OnLive in recent weeks and, indeed, it's available to use right now, although there are certainly a few kinks that definitely need ironing out. But market sibling Gaikai has remained relatively quiet until now.

'We said we’d be done by the end of September, and we are,' said project lead Dave Perry, speaking to VG247. 'We’re feature complete. You see it running from Dallas. That’s the experience that people are gonna have. So the problem is we have not had the mass market real gamers come and play this. We’ve had publishers playing, but we haven’t had real gamers.

'The minute that announcement comes out of who we’re gonna partner with, we’ll start sending out invites immediately. And we’re gonna do that for 60 days. So we are 60 days from the start of those invites to launch.

'So that’s means, at some point in December – probably mid-December – we will be live. There will be no "you’re in a beta." It’ll just be "go ahead and play".'

What this means is that there should be a little competition in the cloud-based gaming market come Christmas...provided there are no hiccups, of course.

New Shenmue Title Hitting Japan This Winter

From Gaikai's Completion To THQ's 'Expensive' Motion Title - News Roundup 8th October 2010

Yep, you heard that right...Shenmue's back, baby...but probably not the way you might remember it. To coincide with the launch of Yahoo! Japan and DeNA's new internet portal - designed to bridge the gap between the community aspects of cell phone games and larger PC and browser-based title - a new instalment in the series is under development, entitled Shenmue Town.

Designed to be a 'social game' and due this winter, little actual facts about the new title are known but it's probably fair to guess that fans looking for a continuation of the story at the end of Shenmue II might be left disappointed with this new game unlikely to resemble previous instalments. we'll update you with more details when we have them. [1UP]

THQ Developing A 'Really Expensive Title For Move And Kinect'

From Gaikai's Completion To THQ's 'Expensive' Motion Title - News Roundup 8th October 2010

THQ's Danny Bilson has revealed that his team within the studio are working on 'a really expensive game for Move and Kinect right now', although he remained pretty cagey about exactly what that might entail:

We just decided to invest a lot more money in it. It’s coming out sooner rather than later, but we haven’t officially done the big announcement on it. But literally, we got to the point in development, and we decided ‘You know what? We gotta make this the best in the class of what it is.

So my group on the core side, we’re actually spending a lot of money on one game in particular that’s gonna ship at the end of March. But we haven’t quite announced it yet.

But we have one big game on Move, Kinect, and Wii. We’ll be announcing it really soon.

With a release date of Late-March being bandied around we can expect more details in the coming weeks. Watch this space folks! [VG247]

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