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GAME Brokers New Deal With Lenders, Secures Future

Jonathan Lester
Financial, GAME, High street, Retail

GAME Brokers New Deal With Lenders, Secures Future

Safe In The Short Term

Breaking news: MCV reports that GAME have negotiated a new deal with their lending syndicate that should secure their financial position in the short term. GAME have promised to "operate within lower limits of its existing facilities than was previously available," while coming up with a new long-term strategy that will include input from their lenders.

This newfound security should also allow them to meet this year's covenant tests without incident. GAME are expecting an £18m for the next year before tax, which is actually better than what many analysts were expecting. It will be interesting to see whether the new strategic plan includes new cuts to their overseas operations as rumoured earlier today.

The short version? GAME is here to stay - for now - and we hope that the chain will evolve to meet the changing demands of the games market. We're convinced that there's still a place for traditional retail, not to mention its thousands of employees. The situation mirrors that of HMV last month, and it seems that bankers are still willing to back the high street despite a seriously rough downturn in boxed game sales.

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sits69  Feb. 3, 2012 at 13:58

That's good to hear. I'm just as ready as the next man to embrace the digital distribution-only future, thereby bypassing bricks and mortar retail altogether, but until then, I want bricks and mortar retail to stay afloat -- supporting jobs -- until they can transition more smoothly.

Until then, I just hope they stop their disgusting practice of opening shrink-wrap and then putting empty boxes on shelves. The product ceases to be 'new' at that stage.

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