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Game Buzz | Episode 45 - Metal Gear Sexy

Matt Gardner
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Game Buzz | Episode 45 - Metal Gear Sexy

"Unmissable!" - Some dude

"The best Game Buzz yet!" - A mate

"Will make you laugh and cry and think and grow! Hell, it'll make you a better human being!" - Toby

Hello and welcome to The Sexy Episode!

We kick off our podcast this week by discussing an immensely erotically charged topic: the Xbox One release date! We then proceed to cry over Microsoft letting Heavy Rain slip through their fingers and debate whether or not the Redmond company are right in calling the £429.99 price point a "complete value proposition."

And then we get to Kojima and his flagrant, brutally honest, pretty damn sexist approach to character design in Metal Gear Solid V. We laugh in disbelief, we point the finger and condemn one-way sexism, and then we get stuck into a fairly meaty debate about the imbalance in character costumes in our industry and the representation of women.

Along the way we spiral off into tangents about Eric Hirshberg and the Nintendo 2DS, but then we close with a fantastic pan-gender manifesto speech by Jon and a powerful Dealspwn top tip.

Some people have called this episode unmissable!

Game Buzz | Episode 45 - Metal Gear Sexy. Recorded 6th September, 2013.

Parental Advisory: We've tried to keep it as conversational and informal as possible, and you should be warned that there may be some instances of strong language.

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Game Buzz | Episode 45 - Metal Gear Sexy Game Buzz | Episode 45 - Metal Gear SexyGame Buzz | Episode 45 - Metal Gear SexyGame Buzz | Episode 45 - Metal Gear SexyGame Buzz | Episode 45 - Metal Gear Sexy

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