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Game CEO: There Will Be New Stores

Brendan Griffiths
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Game CEO: There Will Be New Stores

Despite closing nearly half of their stores earlier this year, new GAME Retail CEO Martyn Gibbs says they are planning on opening new stores in an interview with MCV.

“There have been a few closures, but in time there will be some openings as well and there will be a few new stores. We will announce these as we go.”

This may come as surprising news to many people, especially seeing as it was largely acknowledged that the company had too many stores. Take a small city like Preston, three GAME stores and a Gamestation.

Game CEO: There Will Be New StoresThe future of the Gamestation brand may be facing the chop, although Gibbs is remaining tight-lipped, only admitting, “We’re researching with our store teams and various different gamer sets across the UK to determine what they want from a specialist.” Apparently, this research is coming to an end and they’ll have an answer “shortly.”

There are some encouraging signs since Gibbs’ arrival though. He’s been in touch with distributers to reassure them and get them back on board and the company have implemented an in-store service that allows customers to order any product from GAME’s online catalogue. Also, every store now has its own individual Twitter account, adding a much-needed direct social link to customers.

You may start to notice that the company name is changing its from GAME to Game. A subtle nod towards not acting like they own the industry anymore. This more humble approach could appear more customer friendly and a meeker, less bullish approach towards distributors could do them wonders.


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tr0r  Sep. 9, 2012 at 16:48

Start selling retro games again, and not just old Sports games.
Do it properly, clean carts & boxes etc, and dont make stupid prices.

bggriffiths  Sep. 9, 2012 at 17:58

Start selling retro games again, and not just old Sports games.
Do it properly, clean carts & boxes etc, and dont make stupid prices.

Chucking in a few retro games will always be appreciated, although to be fair Gamestation (owned by GAME Group) did try that. I think stores like CEX are taking their money for that market though. The one opposite my now ex-Gamestation certainly did.

The prices are usually terrible compared to online, but in fairness, they've got overheads like rent, wages etc. Even so, it really grinds my gears when a pre-owned game is almost the same price as it is new.

Saw COD: World at War for £6 pre-owned yesterday. Cheapest I''ve ever seen it. I shoulda picked it up really as it's cheaper than most pre-owned online prices.

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