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GAME Guarantees £40 Trade-Up For Next-Gen CoD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 & FIFA 14

Jonathan Lester
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GAME Guarantees £40 Trade-Up For Next-Gen CoD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 & FIFA 14

If you buy FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 or Call Of Duty: Ghosts on current-gen consoles this Christmas, GAME will let you subsequently let you upgrade to a next-gen version for a tenner.

GAME's guaranteed £40 trade-in offer applies if and when you decide to swap an Xbox 360 or PS3 copy for an Xbox One or PS4 version in-store (loaded onto a gift card and only available to spend on an upgrade), acting as a neat way of quickly bulking out your next-gen games library should you decide to buy into Sony or Microsoft's new machines. Call Of Duty: Ghosts will also offer its own official upgrade plan for a limited time, allowing you to pay a tenner to secure a next-gen console version while also transferring your in-game progress and season pass. I daresay a fair few savvy gamers will find cheaper copies online and save some extra cash on the deal. [via EG]

It's clear that retailers and publishers are keen to make the upcoming console transition as smooth as possible. Will you be looking to hit the next generation hard at launch, or do you plan to upgrade down the line?

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Late  Sep. 3, 2013 at 11:16

Offer ends 24/12/2012.
Missed it. ;)

Not sure why they want to bring gift cards into the equation for a deal like this. If I'm taking advantage of this deal I'll be walking into the shop with the xb360 version and a ten pound note and walking out with the xb1 version.

The wording of the deal doesn't seem to indicate you need to upgrade your game, mind. I wonder if there's a possibility of getting Battlefield on the xb360/ps3, playing it for a few weeks, then trading it in to get COD on the xb1/ps4. If anyone were that way inclined.

Late  Sep. 3, 2013 at 21:19

Was advised by a Game employee that the £40 trade-in offer also applies to their xb1-cod bundle. That's piqued my interest, as it's £460 for that bundle. It's not a Day One, so almost certainly no FIFA included*, and the COD you get is a download, but you're saving £20 on buying the console and game separately.

*He said FIFA definitely isn't included with preorders that aren't "Day One", which ties in with the latest I've heard, but contradicts earlier info from MS. I do wonder if there'll be a backlash if FIFA isn't included with all preorders, which might result in MS giving the game or compo to preorders who didn't get Day One. There's no basis for that assumption, though. It's just a shot in the dark...

Late  Sep. 4, 2013 at 10:28

They've today updated the small print - correcting the offer end date to 2013, and specifying that the upgrade must be to the same franchise.

They've also added a clause that you need to prove purchase of the original game (on ps3 or xb360) was from Game. Which is annoying.

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