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Game Launch Online Trade-In Price Checker

Matt Gardner
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Game Launch Online Trade-In Price Checker

Want to find out how much your dusty copy of Mass Effect 3 will be worth should you decide to pop into town and trade it in at a GAME store? Well now you can do that online, as GAME have just launched a new online trade-in price checker.

All you have to do is punch inthe barcode of your game, and fill out one of those reCaptcha anti-spam windows and you're all set.

We're not entirely sure why you couldn't have just searched for the game, or even just punched in a number, rather than having to use the frankly horrendous Captcha stuff but there we go.

Enjoy. Until you get sick of Captcha. Which will take all of about thirty seconds when it fucks up because is verbal imaging is about as precise as a drunkard's vision.

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