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Game of the Month | November 2012

Matt Gardner
Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Competitions, Game of the Month, Halo 4, LEGO Lord of the Rings, Planetside 2

Game of the Month | November 2012

When you've got Traveller's Tales, Treyarch, and Telltale all at the top of their game, and firing on all cylinders, and the best they can muster are honourable mentions in the form of LEGO Lord of the Rings, Black Ops II, and The Walking Dead: Episode 5, you know it's been a good month. November 2012 might not quite have been as packed with releases as we've seen in previous years, but there was so much quality on show, and further honourable mentions should certainly go to Stealth Bastard Deluxe and Need For Speed: Most Wanted.


Game of the Month | November 2012


PlanetSide 2 - Who said Free-to-Play had to be a dirty term? Well no one told SOE. PlanetSide 2 rewrote the book when it released properly earlier this month after an extremely promising beta period. Sure, it's had its share of teething troubles initially, but in delivering a triple-A shooter that you didn't have to pay a single penny for, and in teaching the big names a thing or two about player-driven cinematic gameplay, PlanetSide 2 was one of the revelations of the month.

Game of the Month | November 2012


Far Cry 3 - A massive step up from the divisive Far Cry 2, the third instalment in the series married a strong, thought-proviking plot together with a fantastically rich open world experience, again offering players the opportunity to do things that other games might only include in cutscenes. 9/10

Game of the Month: October 2012 - Halo 4

Game of the Month | November 2012


343 Industries had some big shoes to fill. Pressure doesn't come much greater than trying to follow up Bungie's Halo franchise with a fourth game that would usher the Master Chief into a new trilogy, and give the series a new lease of life. There wasn't even a new console to fall back on, with the current generation still going strong. All eyes were on Frank O'Connor and co. to deliver...and they absolutely did.

Though there are criticisms to be made of the campaign's sense of the epic, perhaps, it's the game we've been playing all month non-stop. And long after this year is out, it'll still be in the disc drive. A darker, more personal story led the charge (brilliantly supported by the live-action Forward Unto Dawn), but it was in the utterly comprehensive multiplayer modes that Halo 4 clinched this  month. Spartan Ops Day has, as predicted, become a weekly staple, and it's some of the most fun we've had all year.  9/10


So if you want to bag a copy of Halo 4, all you have to do in order to cast your name into the hat is to tell us what your Halo weapon of choice is and why. Pop a little blurb into the comments box below and job done.

We'll being using Science to decide the winner this week, so keep an eye on those inboxes.

The competition will close on Friday 7th at 11:59pm.

A few little house rules:

  • UK entrants only please
  • No duplicate accounts
  • Please use a valid email address

Good luck!

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Korma  Dec. 3, 2012 at 15:34

It is good, Halo 4, but it's pretty unfinished in some areas. Still no file browser, no saved films for campaign or spartan ops but most importantly the multiplayer is still incomplete for UK/European players

I posted in some detail about the scandalous way 343/Microsoft are handling the Specializations here:


Essentially, imagine Call of Duty being limited to rank 40 in the UK for the first few months unless you bought the Special edition or pre-ordered the regular edition from GAME.

The rest of the world can go all the way up the ranks and prestige as much as they want, unlocking every gun/attachment/perk along the way, all they have to do is play the game in the first 2 weeks of release and they get sent a code to unlock it all.


343 have been virtually silent on the matter, they just say Europe had pre-release promotion for specs and US had post-release promotion like they're analogous.

For one you had to be fully informed of specific details and know exactly how fast you would be reaching level caps and how slow they'd be releasing the other specs (they were as vague as 'when the community hits a milestone').

For the other you just had to accidentally sign in to the wrong account when you turned on the xbox and loaded Halo and you'd get emailed a code 3 weeks later to that account as well as any others you signed in with.

These aren't just cosmetic things either, the specializations offer unique skills in multiplayer (like one that stops your aim getting shaken around when you are being shot).

Even if you bought the Special Halo 4 360 Console you only get a standard copy of the game so you are level capped at 70 too, abysmal way to treat fans across a whole continent.

All those who had early access from GAME or the LE lost exclusivity now, to the millions who did get the codes, but keep exclusivity over the rest of us in Europe. That makes no sense. If GAME knew they had this good a deal and promoted it properly they'd have gotten at least 80% of all the pre-orders

(needless to say I own a copy already so no point winning another one)

Last edited by Korma, Dec. 3, 2012 at 15:44
stevenjameshyde  Dec. 3, 2012 at 15:40

You can't beat the Needler. Well, you can - and it only takes the most cursory glance at my Halo Reach online stats to prove that - but the sight of a foe being vanquished in a mist of pink explosions remains satisfying even after all these years

I was going to say that it hasn't quite been the vintage month that November 2011 was (which had Skyrim, and didnt need much else), but the fact that the rather lovely Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed can't even muster a mention might just scupper that theory

RuFfEndZ  Dec. 3, 2012 at 17:14

The Magnum Pistol, there is nothing more satisfying in halo 4 than taking down a rival with a well placed pistol shot.
also pistol whipping is fun!

markyboy123  Dec. 3, 2012 at 18:09

It been such an improvement since the previous Halo series and the gameplay is so much smoother !!!!

BetterThanLife  Dec. 3, 2012 at 19:01

Active Camo and a shotgun...multiplayer classic!

Or a mongoose and a rocket launcher!

Quietus  Dec. 3, 2012 at 19:52

While I'm usually a shotgun lover, if I have to pick one, it'd be the pistol from the original Halo.

In the campaign it was OK against the flood, but was fairly pointless against any reasonably difficult elite.

Fire up a multiplayer session, however, and this gun shone like no other. Melee, short range, long range, or anything in between - the pistol had you covered. Three shots to take somebody down? No problem, as you have a clip of twelve, and with zoom capability chucked in for good measure. Safe to say, this gun ruled multiplayer, and that's where 90% of this game ended up. Good times...

Shained  Dec. 4, 2012 at 01:10

I wasnt too great online with Halo so I preferred the camouflage and plasma sword.

psobloke  Dec. 4, 2012 at 09:21

Has to be the plasma sword - It's one of the few weapons that you detest being killed by but love killing with.

Robin23  Dec. 4, 2012 at 10:31

probably the humble teabag; unorthodox, 0 kills so far, but it has more than earned its place on the battlefield (partic. if you've just been plasma sworded...):D

GetsugaTenshoS  Dec. 4, 2012 at 17:01

The DMR. Accurate at all ranges with no recoil, has a good rate of fire and consistency pays off. It's also got quite a number of shots so if you're good with the DMR, you're going to be taking a lot of other players down. 1v1 fights are great with it. I used to love the BR but the DMR stole the spotlight for me after I used it in Reach.

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