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Game Night | The Dealspwn Showdown in Quake Live

Carl Phillips
Game Night, Gameplay, id Software, PC games, Quake Live

For this week's Game Night, the trio decided to try out Quake Live - the free to play version of the FPS franchise. The thing is, as soon as they got in they learned quickly that they had utterly forgotten how to handle the fast-paced frag-fest. Highlights include much death, much taunting, and plenty of boomstick-based action.

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Tsung  Oct. 3, 2014 at 08:18

Despite being around for ages, since they have added it to Steam recently I've started playing again. Don't get me wrong, Quake 3 (Rocket Arena) is a staple LAN game played whenever my friends meet up for a Lan Party.

Things of note, when coming to Quake Live. The banter is much more friendlier (even when it isn't) mainly because it doesn't matter. Players don't get worked up or upset; rude players are simply ignored, laughed at or kicked .The game pace is faster than any modern FPS I can think off, with only Titanfall getting close. Clan arena is close enough to Rocket Arena to count.

Yep, it was a good call to bring it to Steam, people can download it, and run it without any additional flaff.

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