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Game Night | Jon and Matt play Cops & Robbers in Battlefield: Hardline's PC Beta

Matt Gardner
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Game Night | Jon and Matt play Cops & Robbers in Battlefield: Hardline's PC Beta

We're a day late, I know, but there were E3 things to be done. But fret not, dear viewers, for Game Night is back!

In this week's instalment, Jon and I attempt to make some sense of Battlefield: Hardline by jumping into the deep end of the PC beta. We've got two videos for you today -- one of the Blood Money mode that sees two teams desperately trying to secure as much cash as possible before the time expires, and one featuring a couple of matches of Heist, where there are two briefcases for the crims to steal and for the cops to protect.

I'd like to call the following videos highlight reels, but I fear that'd be misleading given that this represents our first hour or so with Hardline and that we spent a good deal of time ragging around in a police interceptor and shouting WOOOOO! Wish fulfilment at its finest.

But there are some awesome bits. I've determined that I'm much better at killing enemies with a car rather than a gun, Jon channels Evel Knievel with a jump so amazingly sick it would make a parrot vomit, and we manage to win a game. Sort of.

Some would say that winning is totally subjective anyway. Allegedly.

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Tsung  Jun. 16, 2014 at 08:15

I fired up Battlefield Hardline @ the weekend and to be honest, was not impressed. Don't get me wrong, the idea seems sound, the game worked, graphics were fine, technically there was nothing wrong with the game except...

I was on the Police side, and I was armed with Hand Grenades. Is crime in America so bad now that grenades are standard issue?

From that point on, I couldn't get over the fact I was playing another battlefield game. Sure their are different objectives, but randomly killing people on the other side with a wide choice of weapons seemed to be the priority.

Shame, there is no dare to be different, it's still battlefield but in new clothes.

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