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Game Night | Misadventures in Titanfall - Pacific Rim Edition #1

Matt Gardner
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Game Night | Misadventures in Titanfall - Pacific Rim Edition #1

Oh man, getting this thing to finally render and upload without calamitous crashes, YouTube processing fuckery, glitching sound, freezing video and more has been an ordeal and a half, but we can finally bring you the Game Night we recorded last week.

Sadly, the in-game audio got splinched with half of the commentary we were recording at irregular intervals, so in the end we cut it completely to preserve the full commentary recording. So no bullet sounds or explosions, I'm afraid. But we've stuck the Pacific Rim soundtrack in there for good measure, and it does make things rather more epic.

Then again that main theme could rouse the dead.

Huge props and mega-thanks to Profsaurus for joining us for the evening. You have my sword...

This one's for you.

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