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Game Night | Planetside 2 - Team Sweeping Gains FTW!

Carl Phillips
Game Night, Planetside 2, Videos

The trio had a plan for this week's Game Night - log onto PlanetSide 2, go to the new continent of Hossin, and claim it in the name of the TR. It was to be a glorious session.

But then Hossin was Continent-locked. Balls.

So instead the team took their unique skills and focused on making some sweepings gains, as Team Sweeping Gains! Highlights include some Liberator runs of not-so-much glory, the sickest of jumps in a Marauder, the rescue of Matt from deep within enemy territory, and a hard fought battle against the Vanu. Did the team come away victorious? You'll only be able to find out by watching this week's Game Night!

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