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Game Night | Starbound - Toilet Humour

Carl Phillips
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Game Night | Starbound - Toilet Humour
After a successful* pilot episode in which we stormed bravely* into the battle of Auraxis, we decided that for this week's Game Night we would go to a new frontier and start our virtual lives anew. For that, we felt there was only one choice, and delved into the Early Access version of Starbound.

Watch the team storm a mercenary base, fight evil pokemon, place toilets everywhere, and then decide to dedicate themselves to someone named Jor. See it all after the jump.

*Please note: Your definition of "success" and "bravery" may vary.

This week's viewpoint: Carl as The Viceroy

Remember: If you have any feedback or suggestions for this or any of our other video content, please feel free to drop us a line either posting a comment below or over on our YouTube channel.

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