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Game Night | Titanfall - Frontier Defense is AWESOME!

Matt Gardner
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Jon's been telling us for weeks that we should jump back into Titanfall, largely thanks to the hefty recent content drop and the addition of a PvE horde mode of sorts, and we finally Titan'd up for some Game Night shenanigans.

It might just be the crushing disappointment and hollow feeling that Destiny has left me with, but frankly this was an utter blast. Frontier Defense is a cracking (FREE) addition to the delightfully smooth gameplay package, and it's clear that Respawn have really made a concerted effort over the past few months to make the game sparkle. The lobbies and customisation options have been tweaked in all of the right ways, matchmaking actually seems to work (and the countdown timers have been decreased), and Frontier Defense shakes things up in a great way, throwing Suicide Spectres and Arc Titans into the fray.

I have to say, though, that I really, desperately wish I had an Xbox One after this Game Night. Titanfall plays so incredibly well on PC, but really its a game that lends itself completely to the couch-oriented console experience. Still, this was an absolute blast, and I'm pretty sure Carl and I will certainly be joining Jon in dipping into it frequently over the next few weeks.

If COD doesn't blow us away, that is. That now has Titans too.

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