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Game Night | War of the Vikings

Carl Phillips
Fatshark, Game Night, Paradox Interactive, Videos, War of the Vikings

In this week's episode of Game Night, Carl and Jon venture into the virtual battlefield of axes and mead to see how War of the Vikings is coming along.

Highlights include Carl murdering his own teammate, Jon being unceremoniously ripped apart, and a heroic push by the duo in an effort to run those Vikings down. Do they prove themselves to be true virtual warriors worthy of Valhalla? You'll have to watch this week's Game Night to find out.

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JonLester  Apr. 25, 2014 at 10:33

Looking back at this, I'm not sure WotV looks anything like a Viking War, or played much like either.

I enjoyed the Octodad-like flailing, mind! Miss the horses from WotR.

And now I want some mead.

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