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GAME Reward Cards Reactivated

Matt Gardner
GAME, High street, PwC, Reward Cards, UK retail

GAME Reward Cards Reactivated

Administrators PwC have gone and reactivated Reward Cards for GAME's customers. Whereas previously points could only be earned, now customers can redeem their points against pre-owned stock.

“Your Reward Cards have now been reactivated by the Administrators for redemption against pre-owned stock.

“This means that points can be earned on all products AND redeemed against pre-owned items as of now. This is only applies to Reward Cards only, at present moment.”

There's no word on the lifting of the suspension on Gift Cards and Gamestation Elite cards.

Reports have been circling today of a possible offer from the RBS-led consortium, with OpCapita also believed to have made another offer yesterday[MCV]


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DivideByZero  Mar. 29, 2012 at 15:50

If that is true... then as GAME goes down then they will take the entire gaming industry with it, given how USED GAMEs are the antichrist.

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