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GAME Stores To Run Dead Space 3 'Lock-Ins'

Jonathan Lester
Dead Space 3, EA, GAME, UK retail

GAME Stores To Run Dead Space 3 'Lock-Ins'

GAME has announced that several stores will host EA-sponsored 'lock-ins' throughout January, allowing visitors to try out unreleased games after closing time. Dead Space 3 will be the main event, while there'll also be some snacks and refreshment on offer.

We've got a list of participating stores and dates after the break. To participate, you'll need to register in-store or tweet at the specific shop (first come first served, over 18s only).

“We are extremely excited about partnering with EA to offer customers an exclusive sneak peek at their latest titles at the upcoming lock-ins,” marketing director Anna-Marie Mason stated. “They’re going to be really fun events where the gaming community can get together to test out the latest games and swap notes with a drink in hand and snacks on tap – what more could you want?”

  • 6th January 2013: Westfield Stratford
  • 6th January 2013: Birmingham Bullring
  • 6th January 2013: Glasgow
  • 8th January 2013: Newcastle
  • 9th January 2013: White Rose, Leeds
  • 9th January 2013: Kingston
  • 11th January 2013: Watford
  • 13th January 2013: Sheffield Meadowhall
  • 13th January 2013: Cardiff
  • 13th January 2013: Bluewater
  • 15th January 2013: Nottingham
  • 15th January 2013: Southampton
  • 17th January 2013: Norwich
  • 17th January 2013: Reading
  • 19th January 2013: Bristol
  • 20th January 2013: Thurrock
  • 20th January 2013: Manchester
  • 7th February 2013: Belfast
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babylon  Jan. 5, 2013 at 12:51

Err!, The thought of willingly allowing yourself to be locked in a Game store.

MattGardner  Jan. 5, 2013 at 13:48

"What more could you want"

For GAME to stop selling new games instore at frankly ludicrous prices.

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