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A Game Of Thrones: Genesis Will Be A PC-Exclusive Prequel

Jonathan Lester
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700 Years Of History

A Game Of Thrones: Genesis Will Be A PC-Exclusive Prequel

Many of you will doubtlessly have been following HBO's serialised soft porn film dark fantasy epic A Game of Thrones, and Cyanide Entertainment has revealed some details about their RTS tie-in. Rather than an adaptation of the books and series themselves, A Game Of Thrones: Genesis will chronicle the key events that led up to the formation of the Seven Kingdoms and span over 700 years of history.

And there's neither a dwarf, prostitute or random unnecessary sex scene in sight.

Speaking to PC Gamer, designer designer Regis Robin confirmed that Genesis will be a PC exclusive RTS, and that the action is set over 700 years before George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series.

[Genesis will] allow the player to be part of many of the background events in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. It is broken down into chapters running from about 700 years before Aegon’s Landing and going right up to events within the books.

This might sound pretentious, but we believe that A Game of Thrones: Genesis is like no other RTS," he added. "Obviously, we've adapted some of the RTS codes, but gameplay is totally different.

"It's a bit like the books in a way. They really are like no other reading experience."

A Game Of Thrones: Genesis is set for a September release, and we'll keep an eye on it.

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