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Why is it that Game UK got greater exclusivity than the US Limited Edition AKA Europe gets shafted by 343/Microsoft

Korma |  Dec. 2, 2012 at 10:13

So multiplayer SR ranks go up to 50 then 10 per specialisation and there are 8 of them. Only 2 unlocked for regular game, Limited Edition (LE) got all 8 to choose from early. They said the rest would unlock as the community reached milestones (super vague).

Now when you hit the end of a specialisation you stop earning experience until you select another. People at 70 are capped and stuck, they miss out on any exp from challenge completions (like maxed out challenges that can give 10,000 XP and you only get that once or monthly challenges that give XX,000 XP)

Mainly though you don't get to unlock any more armour mods like one that stops you flinching when you are being shot at by someone. So in a 1 v 1 battle who is going to win more? The guy who can keep his aim steady or the one who gets moved around every time a bullet hits?

The LE got 3 weeks of early exclusivity then there was this

Offer emal
See small print for countries involved.

This was generally reported around the time by blogs etc as EVERYONE, ALL PLAYERS who play before 20th Nov. Because who would expect them to restrict whole continents from game changing things that can give you an advantage in multiplayer?

Then there was the US/Canada Mountain Dew thing that meant they could get tons of double XP to get faster ranks and unlock more armour mods quicker because they'd have them all unlocked now.

Only in Europe and a few other places there is no access for playing before 20th Nov. 343 PR/Community relations has been non-existent on this with no information or acknowledgement of WHY this is the case

FINALLY A NEW STICKY THREAD HAS BEEN POSTED THAT MENTIONS IN PASSING WHAT THE DEAL WAS (sorry caps lock, can't be arsed to delete and type again)


"If you are registered with Xbox LIVE in Europe, the Middle East or Africa, you would have not received the email. As noted on the original offer, these regions were not part of the Specializations offer as Specializations were offered as a pre-order offer, not a post-launch offer."

So Because Game had a pre-order store specific exclusive of the NORMAL edition they get to have LONGER exclusivity than the limited edition gets in he US.

If it's ok to let everyone else in he US share the LE exclusivity now why do Game and equivalent in Europe get much longer exclusivity at the cost of the fans getting shafted.

They may as well have helicoptered a giant hand flipping the bird down the Thames.

In Summary: Imagine if you had Call of Duty where in Europe you weren't allowed to get past level 40, let alone Prestige, but the rest of the world you could go round the ranks as many times as they liked.

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Korma  Dec. 2, 2012 at 15:21


An answer to a tweet is about the only response anyone's made and it's generic.


@iHayyydnxD Specializations will gradually be made available in the months following launch.

So even when they do release something it will be drip fed over months. This is an abysmal way to treat people you're asking to buy DLC for the next year and the rest of the trilogy beyond that.

atestemailat  Dec. 16, 2012 at 12:57

The treatment of European players has been terrible.

An American standard edition owner gets:
1) Double EXP
2) Early access to perks without having to buy the LE
3) Free Map Pack Access

A UK Standard edition owner gets none of the above. A LE owner who pays extra only gets access to perks.

Surely this must go against consumer rights?


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