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Gamefreak: Pokemon Has A "Certain Feeling" In 2D, Might Get Lost in 3D

Matt Gardner
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Gamefreak: Pokemon Has A "Certain Feeling" In 2D, Might Get Lost in 3D

We've wondered aloud in a couple of podcasts as to why on earth Nintendo haven't made the decision to print some 3DS money by releasing a few exclusive Pokemon games on the system. It turns out that it's not to sell as many copies as humanly possible by tapping a format that's accessible to both DS and 3DS owners...apparently it's more to do with the feel of the Pokemon games.

Speaking to GameInformer, Black/White 2 producer Junichi Masuda lauded the advantages of both 2D and 3D, but although Gamefreak are incorporating more 3D elements with the upcoming game, they're not keen on ditching sprites fully just yet.

“There are definitely good aspects to both 3D and 2D. For example if you look at the Pokémon on the package you can really see how cool it looks as a 2D illustration and in the games,” said Masuda.

“For the Pokémon characters, one of the reasons we use sprites, at least currently, is because we like to have more of a comical, kind of look like an animation, this kind of visual style is what we want to do for the Pokémon games. If we were able to take that style we have now and have it translate into 3D with no problems; that is definitely something we would be into.

“However, it’s not just about the visual appearance either. The feeling and the control of the character is also very important to us. There is definitely a certain feeling you have when you control these 2D characters. It may be different if we switched over to 3D.”

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