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Achievements & Gamerscore Now Unlocks Xbox Live Rewards

Jonathan Lester
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Achievements & Gamerscore Now Unlocks Xbox Live Rewards

Unlocking achievements and gaining Gamerscore may be an addictive if ultimately pointless diversion for many players, but dedicated achievement hunters will now get some tangible benefits in the form of an ongoing Microsoft Points rebate and special gift. A very small rebate, mind you, but it's something at least.

Your accumulated Gamerscore will unlock some tiered benefits so long as you've signed up for the Xbox Live Rewards scheme (you can do so now). If you've acquired 3000-9999 G, you'll receive a "special gift" on your birthday, which has a cash equivalent value of approximately 15p. Gosh, with this gift you spoil us, ambassador.

More excitingly, however, profiles with 10000-24999 Gamerscore will receive a 1% rebate on all purchases going forward - which goes up to 2% if you've accrued 25000 G or more. This will effectively net you between 8-16 Microsoft Points per 800 Microsoft Point Xbox Live Arcade game, which won't go very far but will add up if you're a regular user. Essentially you'll be able to afford a free indie game every once in a while.

Note that Xbox Live memberships and Microsoft Point top-ups are exempt from the promotion.

"You've been faithfully building your Gamerscore for years now," reads the accompanying blurb. "To reward you for your dedication, we've created MyAchievements for Xbox LIVE Rewards Gold members. The MyAchievements level that you earn – CONTENDER, CHAMPION OR LEGEND – depends on your Gamerscore. The higher your score, the bigger the reward!"

Achievements & Gamerscore Now Unlocks Xbox Live Rewards

You can read more on the Xbox Live Rewards site.

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Late  Sep. 28, 2012 at 15:40

Give us higher levels!
Yes it's something for nothing, but two percent is a bit measly.

Four percent if you pass 50k gs?
(Guess who passed 50k this week... ;) )

Korma  Sep. 28, 2012 at 20:06

Give us higher levels!
Yes it's something for nothing, but two percent is a bit measly.

Four percent if you pass 50k gs?
(Guess who passed 50k this week... ;) )

The Rewards scheme has been getting better (this month you have a few days left to watch an entertainment app for 10 hours and get 100 MSP added if you're already in the rewards programme - the promotion is sports but something like Sky Player works in the UK) and clearly they've had a lot of people answering the monthly surveys the same way I was.

This kind of thing was out there as an option in some questions to do with what people wanted from the Rewards. What Sony Plus is doing is blowing them out of the water though and a few % rebate only goes so far.

BahFThisBS  Oct. 2, 2012 at 19:48

What?! I have well over 50k! shouldn't there be an alternate award for die hard achievement whores such as myself? 2% isnt really worth it anyway. If you told me 5% for 50k or 7-8% for 75k or even 10% for 100k then maybe. but a measly 2% for people with gamerscores well into the tens or hundreds of thousands seems like somewhat of a capitalistic failure. **** this. seriously.

Late  Oct. 3, 2012 at 11:08

To be honest, it's not the biggest problem on xbox live. I've been rethinking my loyalty lately. I have a 360, I don't have a ps3. I'm not about to sell the 360 to get a ps3, but I'm certainly not as convinced as I used to be about Microsoft's superiority over Sony's re online...

Free Service:
Microsoft you get pretty much nowt.
Sony you can play online multiplayer.
Premium Service:
Microsoft you can play online multiplayer and get game discounts.
Sony you can play online multiplayer, you get game discounts, and you get free full games from time to time.

I've massively oversimplified the argument, there, of course, as it doesn't take into account other factors (numbers of people online, frequency of drop-outs and service down, cross-game party chat, multiple logins for local multiplayer, etc.).
When the next generation comes, brand loyalty will mean nothing to me. I'll be evaluating everything carefully before picking sides - and online services/costs are definitely a big factor in that.

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