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From Games Without Discs To Sony Boss Outrage: News Roundup 8th July

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Today’s news looks at the possibility of games never coming in disc form again, Eidos lose their name as well as jobs, gaming on the increase in the face of the recession and a Sony boss getting all red and sweaty.

PS3 Games On Demand?

From Games Without Discs To Sony Boss Outrage: News Roundup 8th July

Microsoft are offering a service later in the year to download full Xbox 360 games straight to the hard drive, similar to original Xbox games offered on the system. This Games on Demand service is seen as natural progression in the gaming world, suggesting Sony will follow suit.

Playstation Network’s SCEA director of operations insists that due to the sheer size of Playstation 3 games this is not the case however. He explains while it is technically possible, downloading up to 50GB (as opposed to 9GB on the 360) and saving that on to your hard drive is unviable. Although he doesn’t rule out the possibility of this being used in the future.  [Industrygamers]

Square Enix Europe To Replace Eidos Name

From Games Without Discs To Sony Boss Outrage: News Roundup 8th July

The Eidos name has long been associated with brands such as Tomb Raider and Hitman but thanks to Square Enix this will be no more. Although the Eidos name will live on through games developed by Eidos, any games published by the company will now be published under the title of Square Enix Europe. This is the least of their worries though as the company faces not only name cuts, but job cuts as well.  [Kotaku]

Gaming Up Despite Recession

From Games Without Discs To Sony Boss Outrage: News Roundup 8th July

A study undertook by the Nielsen Company shows that not only is time spent playing videogames up, but the ratio of used games purchases to that of new games and the number of people using game rental services as well. Nielsen Games director of client consulting, Michael Flamberg believes the increase in time spent gaming can be attributed to mainstream gamers rather than hardcore.

Flamberg points out mainstream gamers are playing more broadly appealing games, like Wii Fit and Guitar Hero, putting more hours into gameplay believing “the social aspects of these games have engaged them”. He also sees gamers as wanting to get their money’s worth playing games they own more with the importance of value evident in the increase of used game sales.  [1UP]

Sony Boss Gets Mad

From Games Without Discs To Sony Boss Outrage: News Roundup 8th July

About a week ago Activision boss Bobby Kotick threatened to stop supporting the PS3 altogether due the price of development costs and slower games sales, suggesting the PS3 needs to drop its price in order for them to keep working together.  Sony CEO Howard Stringer responded to these threats saying "He likes to make a lot of noise. He's putting pressure on me and I'm putting pressure on him. That's the nature of business”.

When asked what’s the logic of not cutting the price of the PS3 he snapped back "I would lose money on every PlayStation I make — how's that for logic." Clearly agitated by recent speculation on the PS3 price and not a fan of logic a price drop doesn’t seem to be on Sony’s cards at the moment.  [Reuters]

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