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Games To "Drive" 3D Tech Adoption Forward, According To James Cameron

Felix Kemp
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Games To "Drive" 3D Tech Adoption Forward, According To James Cameron

Despite choosing film as his output to push forward the merits of 3D as the next step in visual technology, James Cameron - of Terminator and Avatar fame - believes it is videogames who will drive three-dimensional displays forward. Speaking at NAB 2011, a digital media event for filmmakers and technophiles alike where he was once again promoting 3D, Cameron told the assembled conference hall "videogames are going to be the drivers".

"The consumer electronics companies introduced these screens last year," explains Cameron, "so we're a year into this and it takes 18 months to two years to author a high quality video game. So you're going to see a stampede of video games and then that, in turn, is just going to catalyze more broad scale adoption in the home of these big 3D screens". While I'm glad Cameron acknowledges the length of time it takes to create a worthwhile videogame tailored for 3D, I don't think he's quite aware of the widespread apathy towards 3D in general. Whether it's films or videogames, I'm hearing a lot less excitement, and a lot more meh.

However, Cameron goes on to explain that 'glasses-free' 3D devices, like the recently released Nintendo 3DS, can be a gateway towards inviting customers to 3D, without having to shell out on expensive displays and slap stupid utensils over their eyes. "These single-viewing devices that are engaging the person to play these video games will drive a lot of investment in autostereoscopic displays for that very reason," he said, "That technology will trickle up to the larger 3D displays that will be used for home viewing and gaming".

The big turn-off for most people when it comes to 3D is wearing the big glasses that allow each eye access to one level, if you will, of the image being displayed. 3D shoots two images at your eyes, with the stereoscopic glasses housing two independent frames that limit access from one image but allow in the other, vice versa for each eye. Cameron admits in order for 3D uptake to increase, "getting rid of the glasses will be a big deal".

I admit, once the prices come down and the glasses disappear, my attitude towards 3D will lighten. As it stands, I see 3D being adopted by Hollywood so they can capitalize upon the higher ticket prices, and by videogame manufacturers like Sony so they can help sell their company's new televisions. Once it becomes less of a gimmick and more of a worthwhile feature - Avatar is still the only 3D experience I've enjoyed - then maybe I'll be more interested.

Let's hear your side on this, Dealspwners! Are you for or against 3D? [Eurogamer]

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Eldini  Apr. 26, 2011 at 16:17

I've always seen 3D as an expensive pointless fad. I really can't see the appeal of it, or what it brings to the table.

There just seems to be so many negatives related to 3D, including price, comfort level and potential sight problems (especially for children)

Then try and compare it to the supposed benefits, which is an item somewhat sticking out of the screen 5-10 times a movie, or a game that's just uncomfortable rather than fun to play.

Honestly cannot see the appeal at all, hopefully the 3DS doesn't turn out to be too big a disaster for Nintendo, would hate to see them go the way of Sega :/

Jerec  Apr. 26, 2011 at 16:26

I’ve always seen 3D as an exciting new way of immersing you into a game/film. I can see the appeal of it, or what it brings to the table.

There just seems to be so many positive things related to 3D, including a more competitive price as hardware becomes easier to produce, comfort level as Glasses evolve and then eventually disappear. I've heard about potential sight problems (especially for children) but then again, you'd be an idiot to let anyone under 6 play a 3D game or watch a 3D film.

I mean, you only have to watch Avatar on a Home setup like mine (50" Plasma + PS3) to see how amazing the films look, and then play the games like Motorstorm, Mortal Kombat and Killzone 3 to see how good the games can be.

I honestly love 3D and see the appeal everywhere, hopefully the 3DS turns out to be massive for Nintendo, Sony, Bluray and the Cinema world, I would hate to see them go the way of Sega :/

Eldini  Apr. 26, 2011 at 17:00

I see what you did there, grats =p

I based my above comments on my experience of 3D (several films at the cinema, including Avatar, and from playing a 3DS) Along with conversations with friends about 3D media/etc.

I've never experienced 3D adding anything to films/games, and i've not spoken to anyone who has found that to be the case.

Infact i've had the opposite experience (more expensive tickets, uncomfortable glasses, etc.)

It just seems like a glorified pop-up book to me, and i really don't get the appeal at all.

The only ones i've seen champion 3D are the people who fingers in the pie, but maybe i'm just being swayed by my bias against what i see as a pointless fad :/

Jerec  Apr. 26, 2011 at 22:17

Pointless Fad or Exciting extra?

I go with the latter.

Gunn  Apr. 27, 2011 at 11:20

Is it the case that some peoples experience with 3D can range dramatically, in that some people dont really see the impact, a bit like HDTV from SDTV. I personally notice the difference and agree the main reason Id want a 3dtv is for gaming not movies.

ODB  Apr. 27, 2011 at 11:50

Well surely it depends on your vision itself? Someone with perfect 20/20 would have a better experience I assume? Same as in some people need/wear glasses...everyones eyes are different so everyones experience will be

In my case I have a dodgy right eye..everything perfectly central is a blur due to damaged photo receptors. Therefore I have stayed away from 3D as I assumed it wouldnt work for me as the old blue/red 3D didnt work. However I was walking past a Sky 3D booth and had a go and was surprised it worked for me...though I see a ghost image when I shouldnt. So much so that when I said that to the Sky bloke he instantly gave up trying to sell the package to me.

I also tried it in Currys the other week whilst viewing Shrek and was surprised at the depth. Its now something I'm considering but by no means is it perfect for me

Not a fan of the current Tech and I'm unsure over this new push by LG of Cinema 3D..its starting to turn into Blu Ray vs HD-DVD so I'll wait to see the best format but I want it for both gaming and cinema


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