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From Games Price Dilemma to Sony's 3D Push - News Roundup 2nd July 2010

Jonathan Lester
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British Retailers Face Game Price Dilemma

From Games Price Dilemma to Sony's 3D Push - News Roundup 2nd July 2010

Last week's emergency budget called for a VAT increase of 2.5% across the board... which, in a super-simplified nutshell, means that everything is going to get more expensive as retailers seek to normalise their profit margins. However, the games market faces a unique problem.

"Senior retail figures" have informed MCV that the overwhelming majority of us simply won't buy games for more than £39.99. They're right, of course. Whilst the occasional anticipated title can get away with a higher release price (here's looking at you, MW2), games vendors are simply unable to raise their prices above this level for fear of a consumer revolt and a massive profit slump.

Whilst retailers will do their best to keep the prices down, we can expect them to attempt to claw back some of their lost profits (no, not the band) in other ways (such as lessening the frequency and potency of deals and sales... or laying off more employees). If this doesn't sit well with shareholders, we could even see a net rise in new releases and preowned base price levels. Not to blow our own trumpet, but expect Hot UK Deals and Dealspwn to become even more important for the savvy consumer over these next few months! [MCV]

Would you consider paying over £39.99 for a game these days? Worried about the current economic situation? Drop us a line in the comments!

Insomniac Would Back Ratchet & Clank HD Collection

From Games Price Dilemma to Sony's 3D Push - News Roundup 2nd July 2010

The probability of reskinned and remastered PS2 classics hitting the PS3 in the near future has hit our headlines many times... basically, because we all want it to happen. Insomniac is the latest to developer to jump on the remake bandwagon, twittering that they would be happy to support a Ratchet & Clank Collection- but would prefer not to be involved in its development.

“We won’t make it, but we’d support Sony if they decided to do it!”

Would we like to see a Ratchet and Clank HD Collection? Yes please. Would we like it to be the tip of an entirely new range of HD classics. Hells yes, please. [The Sixth Axis]

Sony Prepares For 3D Push... Despite Japanese Warnings

From Games Price Dilemma to Sony's 3D Push - News Roundup 2nd July 2010

Sony is currently getting ready to make their first major 3D hard sell at the Develop conference in Brighton... even though they've received some disturbing news from Japan. According to a recent poll (of over 8000 respondents), over 70% of consumers have no interest in 3D technology whatsoever. Apparently, the glasses aren't sitting well at all.

Nintendo must be loving this. After all, Sony actually begged them to stop taking the mickey and consider joining forces on glasses 3D.

However, it's important to remember that 30% still equates to a lot of people... and a lot of money. If enough of this proportion adopt the technology it will make for a viable install base so long as Sony keeps up the pressure. [VG247]

You know what I'm about to ask. Can you get excited about Sony's 3D tech? Do the glasses put you off... or are they a necessary part of the next major gaming evolution? Have your say in the comments!

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CompactDistance  Jul. 2, 2010 at 16:47

I didn't see prices getting slashed or more sales/deals when VAT went down to 15%

Justin ManchesterAfterDark  Jul. 2, 2010 at 19:04

Greedy retailers, they can't have it both ways.

I already strategically plan out my price points on games regardless of what they plan on charging, even before release. Sniper: Ghost Warrior and Crackdown 2 will get eventually bought by me for maybe a tenner each and RDR was purchased for just over £31 after scouring the web for the best deal. MW2 was £26 for me like many supermarket shoppers. I'd only pay £39.99 for a title I would walk over hot coals for, in this case Bad Company 2, and even then I got the Limited Edition for £32 at launch by using a bit of savvy.

Any retailer that doesn't find a way of absorbing this rise will just find people choosing to shop elsewhere.

khrest  Jul. 2, 2010 at 22:50

Exactly, retailers have an addiction to the .99 price point (with a few honorable exceptions such as M&S). Just as they didnt move away to 'accurate' pricing when VAT dropped, they wont make this rise stick for more than a few weeks. Games may be shown initially at £41.99 perhaps, but will rapidly fall back to the x9.99 price point.

In the States of course, this wouldn't matter because Sales Tax is added at the till so the price of item tickets doesnt change when the Sales Tax rate changes.

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