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Gamescom 2011 Hub

Games previews, Gamescom 2011

Gamescom 2011 Hub

Welcome to the hub page for all of Dealspwn's coverage for Gamescom 2011! We'll be getting to grips with some of the biggest upcoming titles of the next twelve months, bombarding you with the latest news, previews and interviews from the show and giving you our opinions on some of the hottest properties in the industry. Over the course of Gamescom week, and after the convention has finished, this page will be filling up with links to press conference roundups, key bulletins, previews, features and comment. If you want to see the latest coverage from the show, hit the link below.

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Do also keep abreast of action as it happens via our main site Twitter stream and check out our writers' feeds here for 140 character reports straight from both the show floor and clandestine closed-door meetings.

Gamescom 2011 Preview: Editor Matt Gardner gives a sneak peek into the madcap mayhem of Gamescom week, letting you know what to expect from this year's show.

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Microsoft Play Day - Tuesday, August 16th: 12:30 CET / 11:30 BST

We managed to get to grips with a number of titles at the Play Day, icnluding a spot of multiplayer with Halo CE: Anniversary Edition, sucking unbelievably at Forza 4, almost knocking Martina Hingis off of her feet just outside Kinect Sports Season 2 and finally getting hands-on with Star Wars Kinect. Although there weren't too many announcements as such - there was no actual press conference - we will have previews for you of a few titles (including impressive XBLA gems Orcs Must Die and Crimson Alliance) shortly. Felix and Jon will be hitting up a few key appointments with MS on Wednesday so watch this space.

EA Press Conference - Tuesday, August 16th: 16:00 CET / 15:00 BST

The EA presser didn't reveal much that was new or surprising, but it did show off an impressive upcoming catalogue for the super-publisher with new trailers for ten big hitters and a bunch of release date information. You can catch up with our write-ups for those here, and also check in with our live Twitter comments from the event itself here. Thursday is our day for getting to grips with the best EA has to offer.

Sony Press Conference - Tuesday, August 16th: 19:00 CET /18:00 BST

A venue change and a shift in direction for Sony, this event was always going to be about one thing and one thing only: the Playstation Vita. Although Brendan and Carl will be looking at Sony's wares more fully on Wednesday and Thursday, expect a few previews from Felix over the next 24 hours, and you can find write-ups and a roundup from the presser here.

Postcards From Gamescom

In this series of brief vidcasts, the team offer up highlights from the first three days of Gamescom 2011:


Guild Wars 2: Eric Flannum Interview

Kingdoms of Amalur: Sean Dunn Video Interview

Mass Effect 3: Mike Gamble Interview

The Secret World: Ragnar Tornquist Video Interview

Valve: DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients) Interview

Virgin Gaming Interview

Games Previews

Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview

Batman: Arkham City Hands-On Preview

Battlefield 3 Conquest Mode Hands-On Preview

Binary Domain Developer Demo Preview

Black Knight Sword Preview

Blizzard Q&A Peview Roundup

Borderlands 2 Developer Demo Preview

Burnout Crash! Hands-On Preview

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Spec Ops Hands-On Preview

Crusader Kings II Preview

Dark Souls Preview

Defiance Preview and Q&A

Dishonored Developer Demo Preview

FIFA 12 Hands-On Preview

Forza 4 Hands-On Preview

Gears of War 3 Developer Demo Preview

Goldeneye Reloaded Hands-On Preview

Gotham City Imposters Hands-On Preview

Guild Wars Preview - Part One

Guild Wars Preview - Part Two

Hedone Hands-On Preview

Joe Danger: The Movie Hands-On Preview

Jurassic Park: The Game Preview

Lollipop Chainsaw Preview

Kingdoms of Amalur Hands-On Preview

Mass Effect 3 Hands-On Preview

Medieval Moves Hands-On Preview

Metro: Last Light Preview

Naval War: Arctic Circle Preview

Ninja Gaiden III Hands-On Preview

Nordic Games Preview Roundup

Orcs Must Die Hands-On Preview

PES 2012: Pro Evolution Soccer Hands-On Preview

Prey 2 Preview

Prototype 2 Developer Demo Preview

Red Orchestra 2 Preview

Renegade Ops Hands-On Preview

Resistance: Burning Skies Preview

Saints Row: The Third Hands-On Preview

Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster Preview

Sine Mora Hands-On Preview

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Hands-On Preview

Soul Calibur V Hands-On Preview

Starhawk Preview and Q&A

Star Wars Kinect Hands-On Preview

Star Wars: The Old Republic Hands-On Preview - Jedi Consular

The Gunstringer Hands-On Preview

The Secret World Preview

The Witcher 2.0 Preview

Wipeout 2048 Vita Hands-On Preview

World of Warplanes Preview

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fanpages  Aug. 16, 2011 at 21:24

I watched the Sony Press Conference.

Of note...

PS3 immediate price reduction:
Yen 24,980.

New entry level PSP priced at EUR99. No WiFi support. Available "From Fall".
"Assassin's Creed" (available in 2012) one of six Ubisoft titles available for the PSVita.
"FIFA" on the PSVita; early 2012.
"FIFA 13" [PS3] to have full PlayStation Move support.

Portable "Resistance" franchise title to be set between "Resistance: Fall of Man" & "Resistance 2". Hero is a fire-fighter. Title is "Resistance Burning Skies".

New title "Escape Plan" [PSVita] shown for first time.
"Start the Party: Save The World" (PlayStation Move) title mentioned.
"Move Fitness" trailer shown.
"DanceStar Party" trailer shown.
Brief trailer for downloadable title "inFAMOUS 2 Festival of Blood" shown. Available in October. You have one night to kill the head Vampire.
Arne Meyer demonstrated single-player game-play of "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" (available from 2 November 2011).
24-inch 3D Display TV with "SimulView" priced at EUR499 including 2 pairs of 3D glasses.

...and yes, dance crew Diversity hid the lack of enthusiasm for "DanceStar Party" well.




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