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Gamescom 2013 Hub

Matt Gardner
EA Gamescom Press Conference 2013, Games expos, Gamescom 2013, Microsoft Gamescom Showcase 2013, Sony Gamescom Press Conference 2013

Gamescom 2013 Hub

We're halfway through August, and that can only mean one thing: Gamescom is just around the corner. There's a new dawn approaching for the video games console industry, and although E3 and the respective reveals of Sony and Microsoft earlier in the year have started the pre-game, next-gen carousel, the world's largest consumer show marks arguably the biggest stage thus far for the Xbox One, the PS4, and (lest we forget it exists) the Wii U.

Once again, we'll be getting to grips with some of the biggest upcoming titles of the next twelve months, interviewing some of the developers working hard behind closed doors, bombarding you with the latest news from the show and giving you our opinions on some of the hottest properties in the industry. Everything's shifting over the next year or so, and that makes this Gamescom a bit special. We're expecting a few surprises, with Sony and Microsoft no doubt still with one or two cards to play and new reveals to come, and everything will be easily navigable from this page.

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Do also keep abreast of action as it happens via our main site Twitter stream for 140 character reports straight from both the show floor and clandestine closed-door meetings. Our Facebook page will have a steady stream of site links too.

Gamescom 2013 Preview

We take a look forward at what to expect from this year's Gamescom and deliver a rundown of the appointments we've got booked for this year's show.

Press Conferences and Showcases

Tuesday, August 20th

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Microsoft Showcase (9am BST/ 10am CEST/ 1am PDT)

  • Microsoft will not be streaming a press conference this year, instead opting to send out information and video of the showcase and expo in bits and pieces over the course of the convention. However, they will be holding a showcase and community event on Tuesday.

Electronic Arts Press Conference (3pm BST/ 4pm CEST/ 7am PDT)

  • We're expecting a typically snappy presser from EA, with Titanfall, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: The Rivals, FIFA 14, NBA 14, UFC and Command & Conquer leading the charge. Also PopCap, because they're awesome. We will be stuffing our faces with Peggle 2 and Garden Warfare.

Sony Press Conference (6pm BST/ 7pm CEST/ 10am PDT)

  • Sony have said that this one is all about the PS4, but we wager that there'll be a few little tidbits for Vita fans and perhaps some Beyond: Two Souls in there as well. Ultimately, though, we're looking for a release date, maybe another launch exclusive, and more news regarding how the Vita and the PS4 will work in harmony with one another.

Postcards From Gamescom

We present a handful of video postcards from this year's show, picking out highlights from each day and chatting about the fine things we've seen and played, not to mention upcoming interviews to watch out for.

#1 – Before The Storm

#2 – Microsoft Showcase Impressions

#3 – Conference Comment

#4 – PS4, Wasteland, and Witchering

#5 – Music & Mechs

#6 – Pirates and Wangs

Game Buzz Extra | Gamescom 2013 – The Post-Mortem

Having had time now to collect our thoughts and reflect on the games we saw and played in Cologne this year, Carl and I look back on Gamescom 2013, we ask if Microsoft managed to wipe the slate clean as hoped, and we pick out some highlights from the show.

Oh, and sing the Octodad song we invented whilst delirious from fatigue.



We're taking two bundles of filming equipment out to Gamescom this year in a bid to expand our video content (and also lessen the mountains of transcription we usually have to do), and there are plenty of interviews already booked up so watch this space.

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