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GamesTM Magazine - Latest Issue Only 59p @ iTunes

Matt Gardner
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GamesTM Magazine - Latest Issue Only 59p @ iTunes

Apps. A handful of years back no-one would have thought you have needed a seismograph on your phone. No-one would have dreamt of possibly needing to turn turn their telecommunications device into a virtual pint. Thank god for apps, really. Of course, pointless frivolity comes hand-in-hand with the odd really useful and interesting downloadable. GamesTM is actually by and large probably the Dealspwn team's mag of choice when it comes to videogaming, and you can now download the app for it onto your shiny iPhone for just 59p, giving you the latest issue for free!

Issues usually retail on the street for £4.50, and virtual copies tend to be slightly less - obviously due to the lack of printing costs - hitting in at around £2.99. Either way, you're making yourself a saving of at least 75%.

Incidentally, if the thought of staring at a small screen and burning out your retinas doesn't necessarily appeal, you might like to know that the 3 issues for £1 subscription deal - one of the first ever to appear on the site! - is actually still running.

Whilst I'm a big fan of sites like IGN, Destructoid and GamesRadar and the now-defunct N64/NGC Magazine, I still have a subscription to GamesTM. Their articles are intelligent insightful and often very funny, and I find their reviews to be generally well-judged. Such things are incredibly subjective, of course, but these guys come recommended. The choice you have to make is which cracking deal to make the most of: hard copy or digital?

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Emma Kelly  Feb. 25, 2010 at 14:03

This is an excellent magazine, one I subscribe to.

Spark  Feb. 25, 2010 at 14:23

I love this magazine, I have a subscription to it and I look forward to receiving it every month but I can't really imagine wanting to read it on my phone every month.


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